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Virginia Cobia Farms LLC produces Cobia fish at its farm in the mountains of Virginia. We produce the only Cobia in the world that is rated as a "Best Choice" Sustainable Cobia by the Monterey Bay's Seafood Watch program. Our inland production methods ensure that our Cobia is always fresh, nutritious and safe.

Cobia is a delicious white marine fish that has an exceptional firm texture and a mild flavor. It has been highly sought after by recreational fishermen and chefs because of its appeal to a wide range of palettes and its versatile preparation. Cobia is excellent as a sashimi product or when it is grilled, sautéed, baked or fried. Never "mushy", cobia is also ideal for ceviche.

Inland Production of Marine Fish

We do not feed fishing by-catch, fish meal, or wild stock fish to our Cobia. Instead, we provide our Cobia with a nutritious and balanced diet that is certified to contain no mercury or PCBs. It is also full of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. The end result is Cobia that is contaminant-free, sustainable and very high in DHA.

Inland production also enables us to recycle our fish waste to produce biogas energy that powers our facility. By optimizing the environment that our Cobia are grown in, they are healthy throughout their life and do not require the use of antibiotics or other drugs that are routinely used in sea-based farms.



Locally Produced

Did you know that 86% of the seafood consumed in the US is imported? Virginia Cobia Farms is proud to produce high quality fish for US consumers from the mountains of Virginia. Our Cobia start as eggs that are spawned and hatched at our own facility, where they are also raised to market size fish. We harvest Cobia each week and deliver ultra-fresh Cobia directly to our customers.

Our featured local customer of the month is Zynodoa Restaurant.

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